Sunday, February 3, 2008

Death by pasta and other updates

Sometimes I think that the sole purpose of this blog should be one of sending readers off to other, much more worthwhile sites. I mean, really, considering the wealth of great writers out there, it seems like a waste of time for anyone to read my blathering. Here are some things going on right now……

Aunt Robin is pondering the end of the world through “Spaghettification”. “Madam” Steph has decided to welcome the muse of melancholy into her life. The charming and always ubiquitous Renegade Evolution is sounding the alarm on another case of questionable journalism. Chelsea G. Summers has decided to take the bull by the horns and is expounding on grammar here and here. I only wish that I had a teacher like this when I was going to school. I would have paid a lot more attention! With writers like these, who in their right minds would stay here? Perhaps I should make this news/link thingy a permanent fixture around here.

This last week has been good/bad. On the bad side, it looks as though I have run afoul with a big bad financial power. I’m not going into it, but I am taking solace in the knowledge that I am not the only one in this predicament. On the good side I have just started taking a class in HTML and am confidant in the knowledge that soon I will have a kick but blog page (yeah, right). The class has paid dividends already. I have a friend who is an office manager. She called me to ask if I could investigate a problem with her company’s web site. It seems that some customers were viewing the old site on the web even though the web hosting service had supposedly deleted it. Sure enough, I found a site with a “/index.htm” file extension on it. When anyone would click on that link, they were sent to the old site. It appears that the web hosting service had deleted the old site but had forgotten about the mirror site. Score one for Outis!

Finally, I had a visit with a new doctor on Thursday….I think that I will leave that discussion for later, but the outcome was very positive.

Oh, and the picture….. I wanted to see if I could embed a picture. Also I am still trying to get around to writing something about my Pygmy.


Daisy said...

Where is the lovely photo from?

"I'd love to be in the picture." --famous scary NIGHT GALLERY episode. (And judging from some of your writing, you ARE old enough to remember that show! :P )

Outis said...

Hi Daisy!

The picture was taken about two years ago. This stretch of water is part of the Middle Rouge River. My actual location at that point was about 15 miles from where the Rouge merges with the Detroit River. "Civilization" can be found 50 yards on either side of the river banks, but when you are in the stream it is almost like being in the wilderness.

Oh, and yes I remember the Night Gallery series� and loved it.

Thanks for stopping by!