Sunday, December 30, 2007


I am crying right now.

I was going to write a short piece on how lucky I was to stumble upon Renegade Evolutions blog. Not only for her excellent writing, but for the wonderful links that she provides to other bloggers. I will speak of these people later. One of the blogs that Ren discovered was that of Razor Mick. She hadn’t posted for a while…. Ren got the news first. Razor had been attacked, stabbed, multiple times and left for dead in a dumpster. No one deservers that kind of outrage. Not now, not ever.

I have nothing in my heart but darkness for her assailant.
I have nothing but tears for Razor and all of the other Razors out there that we don’t know of…

I feel so empty…….

Thursday, December 27, 2007

OH SHIT!!!!!!

I have no idea where the phrase comes from but “Katie, bar the door!!!” seems appropriate.

Benazir Bhutto was assassinated today. You can find news here, and here. Folks, this is very, very bad news. If there is any place in the world where the bad guys might be able to get their grubby little hands on a tactical warhead, Pakistan is the place. (Well, that’s assuming that we finally found the one that we were missing)

I know people are screaming Al Qaeda, but I don’t think so. If the report in Ha’aretz can be believed, Bhutto was killed by a shot to the neck. The car was moving at the time. Whoever the assailant was, he/she was either damned lucky or very highly trained. OK, so I know that still leaves the question of who done it?

I’m open to ideas. Anyone?


Ok, so this is a little late I meant to post yesterday and today turned into tomorrow.

Getting up this morning, I checked up on all of my favorite writers. It looks as though everybody got through yesterday OK. Christmas seems to be a day that some people look forward to, others dread its coming. Some believe that this time of year is the “season of the enforced Happy” as Chelsea G. Summers puts it. There are others who have had misfortune/tragedy happen in December and the holiday brings back sad memories. Others find themselves alone and longing for the comfort and succor of family; while some wish they didn’t have to bother with people and yearn for solitude. Happily, for the majority of people, things go well.

My Christmas day was pretty quiet. I spent a couple of hours with my family and then returned to my poor excuse for a hermitage. Usually I get my place all spiffed up for the holidays, but I just didn’t feel like it this year. It was kind of like, meh, who cares.

I most certainly fall into the holiday category of the disaffected. For a while, I was connected to a family where my father-in law would go off his nut just before Christmas and beat the living shit out of his wife. The family, having “old world values” would do nothing about it. Instead, they would walk on eggshells hoping that this year would be different, only to have their hopes dashed by predictable behavior. Years later I found out that these outbursts had a genetic link. The rage and physical violence were caused by a recessive gene found in certain eastern European males. Any one of the MAOI’s could have fixed the problem. Sadly, all of this information came too late to help. Just after I left that relationship and began another, I discovered that the two people that my partner cherished as a child had both died on separate Christmas Eves. My partner also had some mega anger issues that she had been hauling around since childhood. I quickly learned what to expect. Somewhere just around Christmas Eve, she would loose it and punch a hole in one of our walls. It quickly came to pass that when Christmas music made its annual appearance on the radio, I would once again be filled with angst concerning the dreaded approach of the holidays and its inevitable outcomes.

There were some positives that came out of the shattered plaster.. One, she is now confronting the anger issues… and two; I became an expert at wet plaster repair!

All things considered, when I made my decision to become a recluse, my holidays have come and gone with much less drama. I guess that’s a good thing.

My goodness, this post is positively maudlin! SBT. I promise something a bit more upbeat next time… ummmmm let’s see….. I know!

... My Pygmy.

Monday, December 24, 2007



This is my second attempt at a blog. Those of us who participated in the World Without Oil project, (May 2007), were encouraged to keep a fictional blog tracking our progress through a crisis scenario. WWO was a social experiment designed to use gaming strategies in order to solve a crisis. It was an interesting, if not scary exercise. I will probably devote a post to it at some later date.

Recently, I have come across either comments or ideas discussed on other sites that I would like to explore a bit more on my own. I also do not want to dilute the quality of responses found on those other sites with my somewhat disjointed thinking. All of the blogs that I read have very articulate comments. Hell, even their trolls are articulate! I think it is best that I keep my ramblings somewhat contained on this site.

I have a ton more links that I will be putting up in the days ahead, but for now I feel compelled to comment on a couple already up. Violet, Ren, CCG and Ryann have chosen to work in a field that some of you, gentle readers, may not agree with. Please do not go charging into their respective sites with all of your damned moral six guns blazing. These women are highly intelligent, reasoning people who have chosen their professions. On top of that they are all kick-ass writers; as opposed to yours truly. On a final note, I assure all of you that I only go to their sites to read the articles ;)!

How long will I be around? Who knows? Stay tuned if you want, if not, thanks for stopping by.