Monday, December 24, 2007



This is my second attempt at a blog. Those of us who participated in the World Without Oil project, (May 2007), were encouraged to keep a fictional blog tracking our progress through a crisis scenario. WWO was a social experiment designed to use gaming strategies in order to solve a crisis. It was an interesting, if not scary exercise. I will probably devote a post to it at some later date.

Recently, I have come across either comments or ideas discussed on other sites that I would like to explore a bit more on my own. I also do not want to dilute the quality of responses found on those other sites with my somewhat disjointed thinking. All of the blogs that I read have very articulate comments. Hell, even their trolls are articulate! I think it is best that I keep my ramblings somewhat contained on this site.

I have a ton more links that I will be putting up in the days ahead, but for now I feel compelled to comment on a couple already up. Violet, Ren, CCG and Ryann have chosen to work in a field that some of you, gentle readers, may not agree with. Please do not go charging into their respective sites with all of your damned moral six guns blazing. These women are highly intelligent, reasoning people who have chosen their professions. On top of that they are all kick-ass writers; as opposed to yours truly. On a final note, I assure all of you that I only go to their sites to read the articles ;)!

How long will I be around? Who knows? Stay tuned if you want, if not, thanks for stopping by.

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Aunt Robin said...

A troll, hmm? I resemble that remark. ;)