Thursday, April 17, 2008

News Flash…. Renegade Evolution is “Scary”

According to the sort of famous Sam Berg.

The events as they unfolded....

In a delightfully upbeat post, Ren informed announced that one of her dreams had come true. She had been invited to be part of a panel that would be discussing porn. On the anti porn side two people were scheduled. John Foubert, a guy that feels that porn leads to violence towards woman. He has founded a sexual assault prevention group. The other person is the ubiquitous Sam Berg. Ms. Berg has a web site which, for the most part is private.

Representing the industry, will be Jill Brenneman and Renegade Evolution.

Finally, at long last, the debate will begin!!!


As soon as Berg found out about Ren's being invited onto the panel, She is threatening to pull out. I can only assume that these Rad Fems are only tough when they can hide within the relative safety of their blogs.

At the time of this posting events are still unfolding….

Oh, and Belle? "Sabre toothed vagina"? Sooo funny!

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Temporary test post

Trying to help a friend with her website... this is only a test