Sunday, August 3, 2008

Letter to Kyle Payne

Kyle Payne’s post has generated some thought, and a lot of well deserved vitriol. His post is an obviously scripted reply from his defense team. I believe that Kyle is:

* A predator that deserves some serious jail time
* Trying to save his ass

There are so many great posts out there on this subject: Renegade Evolution is amassing a list of bloggers who are commenting on this subject.

Dear Kyle:

I have read your statement. And I am angry. This anger is not temporary, this is not “I am pissed at you because you cut me off in traffic”, no this goes a lot deeper. This anger comes from a place that I have had buried, hidden from the world for a long time. The rage I feel about you, is a rage against all people who have been brought up to use excuses to justify your actions. Yeah, you read that right, EXCUESES.

You blame the Patriarchy, you blame the rape culture existent today, and you blame the alleged sexual abuse you suffered as a child. You blame the moment. Hey, you know what? You forgot “The Devil made me do it”. Your whole statement turned my stomach.

Despite all of the feminist spew that came out of your blog, you still treated your helpless victim as an object. Your actions have, not only clearly shown your true beliefs about women, but have shown some serious character flaws as well. I see that you are “insisting” on therapy based on the feminist viewpoint. I cannot believe that anyone is going to buy that one. Kyle, your place in the universe is tenuous at best. Don’t push it with crap like this.

As one blogger suggested, go do your jail time and then become a cloistered monk for a minimum of six or seven decades. At the end of that time you might be old enough to understand what you did, and somehow make amends.

Kyle, if you hoped that your little announcement was going to get you some sympathy, think again. Here is a little link love for you.



Friday, August 1, 2008

Kyle Payne update

I just received an e-mail from Kyle Payne. He informs me that he will be posting a public statement tomorrow at Noon CST. He provided a link to his blog, however it is dated Aug. 3. Perhaps he got a little ahead of himself.

I will hold comments until I have read his statement. The link he sent me is here

Update: I received an update from Lynda Waddington just moments ago... Kyle has asked for a postponement of his sentencing. Here is the link to her news article. In his e-mail Kyle wanted me/us to respond to his announcement. I think I know what he is after now.

Update #2 Kyle sent a bad link. This is the correct one.