Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Drones Are Back

This topic just won’t die. Gawker Media’s blog, proclaimed: “New UFO pictures” on Friday last. The posts author, Annalee Newitz, believes that the drones are viral marketing. How much misinformation really is out there? Read the comments. For the uninitiated, the Drone flap started last summer. Photos of sightings were sent to Coast to Coast radio, Linda Moulton Howe, and others. Each new set of photographs revealed machines with increasing complexity. As with any flap, the debate was on.

For months, arguments were put forth as to whether the Drones were a hoax or not. A lot of people were screaming CGI,( computer generated imaging). Many were talking about Photoshop. A couple of very talented computer people made videos using the pictures as a basis. There was one camp advocating viral marketing for ______ (fill in the blank here). The discussions became pretty heated, resulting in people getting banned at one site and migrating to other boards.

MSM has also picked up this story. For the most part I think that the media is still treating the whole thing as entertainment vs. real news.

Here are some resources that can help interested parties get up to speed. Earthfiles has a rough timeline of events. Ongoing discussions can be found at ATS and OMF. A commenter using the name Leviathan showed up on ATS claiming to have some information but wasn’t willing to share. Leviathan has been at all of the boards, and has a blog. I am not sure what to make of Leviathan…Too soon to tell.

As far as I am concerned there are only a few facts about this whole affair.

First, none of the videos are real. They are all hoaxes.
Second, no one has been able to reproduce the drones in CGI.
Third, some of the photographs have not been proven hoaxes.
Fourth, no one has come forward to claim ownership of the Drones.

So what is this all about? Presently I am nursing an idea that this is one great psychology experiment designed to gauge how information of this sort is handled on the internet.

Perhaps that’s all life is …One big Skinner Box. Comforting thought, that.


Thursday, March 27, 2008


Violet Blue is encountering an onset of rather icky Trolls at her San Francisco Chronicle column. For some reason, I cannot get into the comment section. I am sure that she would appreciate any support that we could send her. Her web site is here.



Tuesday, March 25, 2008


This post is about being ignored and feeling silenced. In a bit, I am going to link you to a blog that is emotionally, a pretty hard read. It is a blog written by a woman who has come from a world of unspeakable violence.

A recurring theme in her postings is how she felt silenced by everyone around her. How she felt silenced when she attempted to speak of the outrages that were being forced on her by her stepfather. How she felt silenced by the world of prostitution that she found herself in. Even now, she feels that some people are trying to silence her because of what she is saying on her blog.

I can identify with how she felt as a child. I too was silenced. I also was forced to accept someone else’s definition of who I was. I can still recall the pain. I can still recall the isolation. I can still recall the feeling of helplessness.

Rebecca has left the world of prostitution, but the darkness and the violence follows her in the form of PTSD. I don't think that you ever can recover from this kind of trauma; you can only learn to live with it. Before anyone jumps down this writer’s throat about not having a clue about PTSD, please look at my links. Labradorite Eyes and I have closely linked DNA. She suffered childhood ritual sexual abuse which she talks about over at her place.

As a result of Rebecca's experience she now looks at all men as violent. She can only see society as supporting this violence. She feels abused, hurt and alone. It is fully understandable why she wants to have all sex work wiped from the face of the earth. It is also understandable that she thinks that all people who are in the sex industry are feeling and experiencing exactly what she has suffered through. This woman is in a world of hurt; nothing would be gained by trying to change her beliefs. The best thing to do is to acknowledge her experience and her authenticity as a person.

After coming back from Rebecca's blog, my first reaction was great sorrow. No one should have to go through her experiences. Having some time to think about her writings, I am now filled with fear. Rebecca has turned to Radical Feminism as an anchor. Please understand that I have no problem with her adopting the RF philosophy. However, there exists under the umbrella of RF, some individuals who are batshit crazy with their own issues. I fear that they will now take Rebecca and use her experience to further their agendas. Rebecca is struggling to bring the light back into her world. If she is constantly held down and forced to live her past, she will never heal. I want to hear her story. I want her to heal. She needs to be supported, not exploited. I will be royally pissed if some nefarious souls keep her down for their personal gain.

Please, go visit Rebecca’s place. Read her story. Leave a kind word if you feel so inclined. However, as you read, remember this is just one story. There are a lot more stories out there and they need to be acknowledged as genuine as well.

I would be remiss if I closed this post without thanking the person who brought Rebecca’s blog to my attention. Once again this wonderful woman has led me to a place where I can experience, think and grow. For that I am so very grateful.

Thanks Ren!


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Stolen from Ren who stole it from Daisy....

A questionnaire for you. Granted, a bit sacrilegious, but what the hell?

Sloth:Very High
Envy:Very Low

The Seven Deadly Sins Quiz on

I left a tongue- in -cheek message over at Rens place... It is late, I need to go to bed.

May this Easter/Ostara bring us peace.


Ostara! Ugh

A happy, belated Ostara everyone!

I hate nights like last night. I have no idea how much snow we had. I can tell you that it was just enough that I had to pull the magic lever on the floor of the X, but not slippery enough to make the transfer case happy. My baby was definitely not pleased.

I am still not ready to do a post on my Pygmy yet. Every time I try telling the story it begins to take on the likeness of a short novel. Maybe I will just wait until I get it out in a month or so. In the meantime, there are some interesting things going on that have been consuming a lot of my time.

There is an awful lot going on in the world of the internet. I have discovered a ton of really great bloggers. They are all great writers and are doing an awful lot to expand my knowledge base. I think that the one that I am most indebted to is Renegade Evolution. By following her links, I have been able to get a pretty good handle on the Feminist issue and where/what all the fights, err, discussions are about. Drakyn’s blog is allowing me to study the subject of Transexuality. I had no idea how hotly the subject of gender identity has been debated, until now. It is a fascinating subject, to say the least.

Some might propose the idea that the need for a Feminist movement is long over. Try telling that to my pal Razor Mick!

On a different note…

I don’t think that there is a better word to sum up RW other than fascinating. I came across his old blog, Chasing Vincenzo, one day while reading over at Steph’s place. The site is still up and at very least; his rules about proper bistro conduct are certainly worth the read. RW is a great writer with a fantastic sense of humor. Also the people he links to are very witty. A quick for instance is Girl Dislocated. How anyone, with the physical challenges this young lady has, can keep her sense of humor is beyond me. (On top of all that she is drop dead gorgeous!). All I can say is shukran!

For the rest of you crazies that wiggle into those twenty inch wide boats for fun, I just found a site out there to make you green with envy. Also, I have a new addiction. I have no idea how I found this comic but it now has become a daily read. By all means start at the beginning and read a little bit each night.

Finally, I have a strong feeling that something is about to pop on the UFO scene very soon. It could have something to do with the drone debate or disclosure. What ever it is, it’s gonna be BIG.

We miss you Aunt Robin… Please come back if you can!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A rhetorical question

I haven’t posted in a while. I am overwhelmed, and am very tired. There is so much going on in the blogosphere that I would like to comment on, then the ADD kicks in. As a result, nothing happens. I have also discovered some new incredible bloggers. (More on those fine people later) But for now…

I pose a question. How do you say goodbye to two of the most wonderful people in your life? How do you express your gratitude to them for not only caring for you, but for giving you your core values and at the same time allowing you to evolve to be the person that you now have become?

How do you do this when they are in a constant state of confusion? These two incredible people are reeling, trying to get a balance that they will never again achieve, and are frightened. Never again will clear thinking be a part of their repertoire. Never again will they be able to go about their business independently. They are fighting to maintain their balance and their dignity, yet find it hard to function on the day to day basis that we all take for granted. They are realizing this now. They are afraid and the fear exacerbates the situation. The fear of giving up control and the fear of taking control escalates on both sides and the tension grows.

Verbal conflagrations ensue.

How do you gently tell these folks that they cannot drive anymore; that they must let others pay their bills; that they must surrender their independence?

How do you go about taking control of an out of control situation and still let these people know that you love them and they are still honored?

My parents are in their mid 90’s; they have been married for 72 years. They have lived through a time that no one should have to go through… and they have survived. Now at the end of their lives, what am I to say, or do?

As I said before, a rhetorical question…

But one that I now wrestle with daily.