Tuesday, March 25, 2008


This post is about being ignored and feeling silenced. In a bit, I am going to link you to a blog that is emotionally, a pretty hard read. It is a blog written by a woman who has come from a world of unspeakable violence.

A recurring theme in her postings is how she felt silenced by everyone around her. How she felt silenced when she attempted to speak of the outrages that were being forced on her by her stepfather. How she felt silenced by the world of prostitution that she found herself in. Even now, she feels that some people are trying to silence her because of what she is saying on her blog.

I can identify with how she felt as a child. I too was silenced. I also was forced to accept someone else’s definition of who I was. I can still recall the pain. I can still recall the isolation. I can still recall the feeling of helplessness.

Rebecca has left the world of prostitution, but the darkness and the violence follows her in the form of PTSD. I don't think that you ever can recover from this kind of trauma; you can only learn to live with it. Before anyone jumps down this writer’s throat about not having a clue about PTSD, please look at my links. Labradorite Eyes and I have closely linked DNA. She suffered childhood ritual sexual abuse which she talks about over at her place.

As a result of Rebecca's experience she now looks at all men as violent. She can only see society as supporting this violence. She feels abused, hurt and alone. It is fully understandable why she wants to have all sex work wiped from the face of the earth. It is also understandable that she thinks that all people who are in the sex industry are feeling and experiencing exactly what she has suffered through. This woman is in a world of hurt; nothing would be gained by trying to change her beliefs. The best thing to do is to acknowledge her experience and her authenticity as a person.

After coming back from Rebecca's blog, my first reaction was great sorrow. No one should have to go through her experiences. Having some time to think about her writings, I am now filled with fear. Rebecca has turned to Radical Feminism as an anchor. Please understand that I have no problem with her adopting the RF philosophy. However, there exists under the umbrella of RF, some individuals who are batshit crazy with their own issues. I fear that they will now take Rebecca and use her experience to further their agendas. Rebecca is struggling to bring the light back into her world. If she is constantly held down and forced to live her past, she will never heal. I want to hear her story. I want her to heal. She needs to be supported, not exploited. I will be royally pissed if some nefarious souls keep her down for their personal gain.

Please, go visit Rebecca’s place. Read her story. Leave a kind word if you feel so inclined. However, as you read, remember this is just one story. There are a lot more stories out there and they need to be acknowledged as genuine as well.

I would be remiss if I closed this post without thanking the person who brought Rebecca’s blog to my attention. Once again this wonderful woman has led me to a place where I can experience, think and grow. For that I am so very grateful.

Thanks Ren!


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