Monday, February 11, 2008

Little Green Book

I cannot tell you what year it was, however, I can tell you what bookstore I was in when I had “one of those moments”. I was browsing through the New Age section when all of a sudden all of the books on display suddenly blurred out. All but one. Reaching down, I felt an old, yet very familiar energy emanating from the object now in my hand. I think the price was just shy of twenty dollars. Sticking my hand into my jeans, I retrieved my cash, secure in the knowledge that I was in possession of a couple of dollar bills and no more. Carelessly embedded in the singles was a practically new Twenty dollar bill. To this day, I have no idea where that twenty came from. I purchased the book, returned home, threw the book on the carpet next to my chair where it would remain until the following Sunday.

That day was bleak and dreary. For some reason I had gotten up early and was sitting in my chair with my coffee when, once again, the book made its presence known. I picked up the book, opened it, and my eyes fell upon the last lines on the page.

“But for you, Daniel, conceal these words and seal up the book until the end of time.”

I never knew how much impact those words were about to have on me.

I began to read. A scant three hours later I had finished reading the book. I snapped the book closed with one hand and rather capriciously tossed the book down on the carpet. Launching myself out of the chair to get more coffee, I quietly remarked to myself as I traversed the short distance to the coffee pot. “Hmmm… Yeah, I know all that stuff”. What happened next, the feeling I was about to experience, has never left me. The only thing missing from my epiphany was a fucking lightning bolt.. “JESUS….. I REALLY DO KNOW ALL THIS STUFF!!!” It took quite a while for me to realize what had just happened to me…. I had not read a book. I had used a KEY to unlock ancient truths which I had been carrying around for years, if not centuries. In the coming years after this day, I would come to know that this scene had repeated itself over and over with many other people.

The Celestine Prophecy.

I am not going to discuss this book in detail right now. I will instead, offer a brief description for those who have not read it.

The Celestine Prophecy is a work of fiction, an adventure novel (and probably one of the worst story lines ever!). Having said that, buried in the story is a discussion on the mechanics of being human.

In a nutshell, the book discusses a number of things that are happening on the planet right now. It speaks of a growing number of people who, in their own way, have raised their personal spiritual energy sufficiently enough, to access insight into how we as a species are evolving. As these individuals raise their energy, they, in turn, lift the energy of others around them. At some point in time, a “Critical Mass” of this energy will allow a huge jump in human awareness. The book then explains history as an evolutionary process moving toward enlightenment. Moving on, the Prophecy attempts to explain how this energy flows through all living beings. Yep, that’s what you see when you look at another aura……. (Uh, what do you mean, “What do I mean, aura?” Oh good grief people have you forgotten everything?????? Do I have to conduct a freaking class for y’all???) Where was I? Oh, yeah, the book explains how people can get cut off from the source of this energy. When this “disconnect” happens, people begin to compete for the energy wherever they can find it. Which is generally one another. The method used to steal this energy is called a “control drama. After the discussion of control dramas the book offers ways that the reader can reconnect with the source of the energy.

I find that one of the hardest concepts put forth in this book is clearing your past. Personal growth cannot happen until individuals recognize that all past experiences, both good and bad, have had a positive influence on their growth up to the present moment.

If you were meant to read this book, you will understand.

The story continues…

The Celestine Prophecy was followed a couple of years later by the Tenth Insight. Very important stuff contained in these pages as well. The book deals with the two types of soul groups every one has. The book also gets the reader to understand that the whole universe is working in a synchronistic way to help us all along our path. If there is interest, I can do a synopsis on the Tenth Insight at a later date. A number of years after the “Tenth” was published; the “Secret of Shambhala” (The eleventh insight) appeared. Unfortunately, Shambhala was so far “out there” that I think Redfield lost a lot of his followers. It has been confirmed that the twelfth insight is almost completed. I feel that both the eleventh and twelfth insights are/will be inaccurate.

I believe that the responsibility for the discovery of the remaining two insights rests solely with us. And the time to start looking is right now.

The CP series will not ring true for all people…. It was intended for a select few. I don’t know who or how many, but the time has come to seek out others that understand and begin to heal this planet and its residents.

September 11, 2001 unleashed an explosion of fear that has gripped this entire planet for far too long. It was a fear so great that many of us were driven underground. The time is neigh for us to resurface, come together, and start doing the job we came here to do.

Please feel free to leave comments…. This is important, people!



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Drakyn said...

Sorry for not getting back to you yet, I'm just not sure what to write.
I was lent the book by my friend--who got it from his fiance and I have no idea where she got it--and now it's passing from friend to friend.
I've read the Tenth Insight--as have many of my friends--but only one friend has read the third book (but me and the friend I borrowed the book from both feel that we don't need to read it--even before I read your post!)

Most of us have been interested in or experiencing spiritual things since we were little--last year a friend got possessed and this year another friend had a whole entourage of different spirits following him around.
Other than always believing in reincarnation (as a small child I sat and argued with my sister about what animals we were in past lives) and a few small things, I didn't experience much growing up and I still can't really see anything (though I can feel energies).
And I haven't learned much about my past lives yet, but I think I need to work more on truly understanding and living the first nine insights before moving on.

PS: The plot wasn't that bad--though it did remind me of Clive Cussler's adventure novels...