Saturday, January 26, 2008

SOMETHING IS OUT THERE (And oh, I hope it’s friendly)

It happened in 1967 or ’68. The event took place in the late fall when all the weeds were brown and brittle from frost, but not broken down from newly fallen snow. I was out with four friends testing hand held class D (CB) radios. Two of us had just entered a field and were proceeding across it when we discovered the spiral. We came across an area where the weeds had been folded over in the same direction. The weeds were bent over, singed, and formed a spiral pattern about twenty feet in diameter. When I looked back at our path through the field, I noted that we had clearly left a trail of broken weeds. There were no other disturbances in that field other than our paths and the spiral. There was no doubt in my mind that something had landed in that field recently.

Many of you may have seen something about the latest string of UFO sightings in Texas. MSM has had a couple of stories on it. Something about this “Flap” is different. First, the very idea that MSM covered the event is odd. Usually they ignore stuff like this. Second, it took weeks before someone realized how close these sighting were to the Crawford ranch. Third, after witnesses repeatedly gave reports that jet fighters were pursuing some of these UFO’s, the military flat out denied having anything up. So, what else is new? Later they would correct themselves and say, “yes indeed we had ten F16s in the air that night on a training mission”. Uh huh, riiiight! A nighttime mission with ten aircraft over a populated area? Suuuure. Now we come to the strangest item of all.

Folks, video was taken by some of the witnesses. Until today not one of the four main discussion boards have picked up the videos and tried to analyze them. NOT ONE!!! Usually these boards would be all over these videos, but there is hardly a mention. Something is just not right here. I should point out that hoaxed video is showing up as well.

After the Isaac/caret/drone flap of this summer,(I know it is a 75 page read, just scroll down for the pictures!), I keep wondering what all this is leading up to. Disclosure? Invasion? Hmmmm… It is said that before a major world event, UFO’s show up in great numbers. Somehow, I don’t think that we are going to have much longer to wait.

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Oh and psssst… Aunt Robin….. You sure that you haven’t seen any little grey guys hanging around lately?

****Outis leaves searching for his tin foil hat*****


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Aunt Robin said...

In my recent post, I didn't mean to imply that every "close encounter" is just a bunch of whooey. I was only speculating on a certain type scenario because I can appreciate why someone might be inclined to attribute some external force to the sleep paralysis phenomenon.

While I've never personally experienced a situation such as you've described here, there are simply too many very credible witnesses for us to simply ignore the possibility that we're not "alone."