Friday, January 11, 2008

Uhhhh. Better send the kids out of the room

Yeah, this one may stretch the ‘R” rating a tiny bit. Renegade Evolution has an excellent post that touches, in part, on something I wanted to cover. I will use a much broader brush and include the entire movie industry.

Before going any further I better warn you all that most of these links are NSFW.

Just the idea that some people view porn, and assume it is real, is ludicrous. When this false idea is held, porn is lifted out of the entertainment category and thrown into the “Education” bin. This reclassification becomes really harmful when porn becomes the only resource (for things of a sexual nature) available. When you combine Abstinence Only Sex Ed. and porn, a potentially disastrous mix is created. There is a lot of unrealistic, unsafe, potentially fatal sex being presented out there. Fortunately, the industry is beginning to admit that it must step up and take some responsibility for what it is doing. Again Ren has a great post on the subject here. For a much more realistic view of what it is really like in the industry, take a look at Violet Blue’s San Francisco Chronicle article for this week. Another great exploration of the differences between the fantasy world of porn and reality can be found in the movie “Marie and Jack; A hardcore love story” by Comstock films. (At the time of this writing, I cannot find a link that works to the Comstock site, Grrr.) In a nutshell, Marie and Jack are married and work in the adult industry. They discuss the differences between their film work and their own intimate relationship. I guess I should but up the warning here that at the end of the movie they do get it on….. c’mon people, it is after all a porn film! Ok so what about the young folks out there?

Fortunately there are some pretty good resources for young people out there. First is Scarleteen. Second, and many may not agree with this, is the Midwest Teen Sex Show. This show is very fast paced and uses a lot of outlandish humor. However they do get their point across. OK, now the broader brush.

During the seventies I could not go to a movie that did not have (female) nudity and violence in the same scene. The entire portrayal of violence and sex turned my stomach. We live in a violent enough world folks; I’ll be damned if I’m going to spend money to watch rapes, beatings, murders etc., as entertainment. To me at least, this ever increasing trend of violence/sex seemed almost purposeful. I know, “Good ol’ Outis is just being his paranoid self again”. Maybe not. A while back, there was a movie called “This film is not yet rated”. It traces the history of the film rating board. It puts forth the idea that the ratings board has consistently manipulated what we have been viewing for decades. As a result we have been fed a steady diet of negative racial/ethnic/sexual stereotypes and violence. At the same time any movie that has to do with normal sexual relationships has been given the dreaded NC17 kiss of death. Coincidence? I think not. The movie runs about an hour and a half. Don’t take my word for it…. Here is the link.

When people get programmed to accept anything that they see in movies as real, then the next move is to other media like the news. Who was it that said “In order to control the people, you must first control the media”? Welcome to 1984 folks!

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