Saturday, January 5, 2008

TED Gonna make my head Splode

TED Technology, Education, Design.

This conference has been around for some time. I knew about it of course; I also knew that it was terribly expensive to attend. Recently, BMW and others made the decision to make all of these little lectures available to the public. They can be found at the TED website. In order to demonstrate the diversity of topics I have selected a talk that deals with feminism. The lecturer, Isabel Allende, is witty, sharp and makes her point well. No, I do not plan on making this into a feminist blog. I just thought it would be an interesting thing to post.


If it doesn't load for you here is the direct link

In other news.....

I got a comment SQUEEEE! My very first! From another Troll no less. Her name is Robin and she just barely qualifies as a troll. (has anyone figured this out yet?) As an added bonus she has an interesting site (as opposed to where you, kind reader, are presently parked.) Thanks Robin!


Aunt Robin said...

As yoopers are quick to remind us, Outis, there is no such thing as "barely" being a troll--either you live above the bridge or you're a troll.

I am resigned to my fate.

BTW, you've a very nice web site. :)

Aunt Robin said...

(... for a troll.)