Thursday, July 31, 2008

Probably illigal as hell but...

Kim has a great post over here. She talks about, the “grups” (Please refer to Star Trek lexicon), showing up to solve lifes problems . What if they don’t? Eventually, all of us lose our mentors to old age. We feel abandoned, and eventually experience a sense of isolation; we feelthat we cannot share our most intimate/profound thoughts with anybody. We just cannot findthe words to articulate how we feel. Kim has captured this feeling beautifully.

So what do we do? Float around in the doldrums of emotions, and rationalizations forever? Some of us will probably suffer this fate, but not Kim.

Toward the end of her post, Kim talked about her familiar, errr, Cat, Zuzu coming to her and making a connection. Clearly, they, ( Kim and Zuzu,), have a handle on it. And no, I am not forgetting Carter… That goes without saying!

Want proof? Look at Carters eyes in all of Kim’s pictures… they have totally bonded.

So let me put a finer point on this…

The following has been paraphrased from the dust jacket of NDW’s CWG book1. (I didn’t ask permission first)… one of those easier to ask forgiveness, rather than permission moments!

So here goes:

I have heard the crying of your heart,
I have seen the searching of your soul.
I know how deeply you have desired the truth.
In pain you have called for it, and in joy.
Unendingly have you beseeched me.
Show myself. Explain myself. Reveal myself.

I am doing so here, in terms so plain, you cannot misunderstand.
In language so simple, you cannot be confused.
In vocabulary so common, you cannot get lost in the verbiage

So go ahead now, ask me anything, anything.
I will continue to bring you the answer.
The whole universe will I use to do this, so be on the lookout.
Ask a question. Watch,


The word to the next song you hear.
The information in the next article you read.
The chance utterance of the next person you meet.

Or the whisper f a river…the next ocean, the next breeze
That caresses your ear- - all of these devices are mine.

All of these avenues are open to me.
I will speak to you if you will listen.
I will come to you if you invite me
I will show you that I have always been there.


Namaste, Kim



Kim said...

Thank you, Outis. It always a bit -- scary? -- for me, the "naked" kind of posts, but then, who wants to write of angry radical feminists all the time, yes?

I'm so happy you GOT it -- that first paragraph you wrote pretty much sums up what was indeed going on in my head.

I love the paraphrased quotes -- forgive me for being dense, perhaps, but who/what is "NDW’s CWG?"

Outis said...

Sorry Kim.

The author is Neal Donald Walsh and the book is Converstations with God.