Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kyle Payne update

I received this update as an e-mail late last night. This is the body of the e-mail except for one bit of information that Lynda requested not to be made public. I will have more on this later but I am pressed for time.

Hi. I'm Lynda Waddington, the journalist who wrote the recent post about
Kyle Payne accepting a plea agreement on Iowa Independent (as well as on my
personal site, Essential Estrogen).

Some individuals who have commented to the various postings on Payne
have stated that he is scheduled to have an "open sentencing" on Aug. 11 at the
Buena Vista County Courthouse, and that anyone who attends will have an
opportunity to speak. This is not totally correct.

An "open sentencing" in the state of Iowa means that the public can
attend, but not that the public can speak. While it always looks good to have
people show up in support of the prosecution -- and I'd personally really like
to see some strong support in the courtroom -- the fact is that not everyone is
going to be able to speak.

For those who have a unique interest in the case... for instance, have
served as advocates or can somehow speak with authority as to how horrible
Payne's actions were... get in touch with me.

If you want to share your (civil) thoughts about this incident prior to
sentencing, your best bet is to write to the judge that will preside over the

District Court Judge Don E. Courtney
Buena Vista County Courthouse
215 E Fifth St.Storm Lake, IA 50588

As a final note, there has been some discussion about Payne being
charged with child pornography. This is not a charge he faces from the state of

- Lynda Waddington

Update: More can be found at Eleanor's Trousers

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