Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I hope that Kyle Payne is learning that karma is not just a good idea; it’s the law!

I know that all of you are waiting for my series on how your/our world is possibly about to change. I am almost through with the first post. However, that post will have to wait.

Last night Belle broke a story about an anti-porn, anti violence, pro-feminist blogger who isn’t. Go there now and read it. Follow her links. Renegade Evolution has got some great thoughts on this guy not only on her blog, but on SWOP radio as well. Ren indicates in her post that this incident is so important that it needs as much coverage as possible. I agree.

How many times do these morons have to be hoisted on their own petards before they get it? If you are going to get up on a high moral horse and lash out don’t you think that you had better make sure that you have no skeletons lying about? However in this case there is something more insidious to ponder.

This guy was in a perfect position to take advantage of other women. The “oh so concerned about feminism and violence against women” approach would be so convenient for a guy like this to seek out more victims. One is forced to ponder, “What else this guy has been up to?”

So yes, I agree wholeheartedly with Ren. Word needs to get out. Let’s make sure that the world knows about this guy.

Oh, and a final note about the SWOP east broadcast. Yes that was me calling in! Nervous? Who, me? Just because I was addressing the God Emperor of Rome?



Update: Ren now has a second post up.

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Renegade Evolution said...

I'm glad you called. The God Emperor of Rome salutes you.