Monday, July 7, 2008

It has been a while…

First, (closed circuit for Draykn…) if things get to be unbearable, I can send you to this location, as long as you are in the SE area of MI. By the way it is only accessible by boat. (I have a spare that you can use) In any event good luck!

Second, I hate when awful things happen to really nice people. One of my favorite bloggers was having a fun weekend with some of her pals, and something went wrong. I am not going into details however, she is really hurting. You might want to stop by and wish her well.

Third, there has been an awful lot of stuff going on lately. Some of the events that are now unfolding in the news may have dire consequences for us in this country. I am in the process of trying to contact people who can give me a better understanding of what is going on. About all I can say is that the direction of this blog may be in for a major change.

Stay tuned.


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Drakyn said...

Ooo, that place looks really nice (and long comment is long). ^.^
And yeah, I'm in SE Mi. Out between towns, our phone/schools/address/library/etc are all different towns; folks within walking distance have different area codes and went to different school districts than we do. o.0
Hopefully I won't need to take you up on your offer though. And it's not like I'm abused or anything. My relatives just see a very different person instead of me; and they tend to ignore any evidence to the contrary. -.-;;
If I'm still here in August I'll definitely be going to Camp Trans though. I should have gone last year, but cowardice and depression reigned; I won't let myself skip going this year.

And I also follow the insights for the most part. I think the gist of them is true, but of course details and specifics are not so much. And it's a depressingly white, cis*male, American, hetero-dude centric approach--I was thrown out of the flow more than once by it (like the bit on relationships--masculine and feminine energies and that's why men and women get together--that part really threw me out for a bit).
But I think it's still a good book, I'm trying to get my little sister to read it actually.
I tend to combine things though, I'm very, very, very much a eclectic (almost typed elastic--its past 1am now). So theres bits and pieces of Buddhism, Taoism, new age/neo-pagan beliefs, various philosophers, various fictional/fantasy religions, myths, and whatnot in my 'system'. ^.^;;
Which reminds me...I need to do some...ah...research for my monster posts (aka: re-read at least a dozen or so anthologies of my childhood myths). ^.^

And I hope you update more. I try to check every so often, but when folks don't update I tend to forget.
I'm worried too about the future. I really need to get on this more, the REAL ID act and the way it's being/will be enforced are yet another set of topics I've been neglecting. >.<