Sunday, September 14, 2008

We interrupt this blog to...

To say that I am royally pissed off doesn’t begin to cover it. I have been working on a rather large post examining Amanda Brooks’ short stay at Bella’s Hacienda. The working conditions are appalling. That post will have to wait.

On Friday September 12th, an absolutely charming Brooke Taylor was interviewed on the Morning Show (Faux). Brooke is one of the top stars at the MBR. The interview was in two parts. During the second part a “Psychologist” came in and in the greatest of rad fem tradition, declared Brook “Damaged Goods”. God, this upsets me. How many times have we seen this attack used on Ren? Or Debs, or Caroline? Grrr.

Speaking of Ren, She has been doing yeomen’s work trying to weed through all of the crap at Heart’s blog and has been valiantly trying to keep a dialogue going. Great reading!

Any way, here are the links to the interview with Brooke Taylor.

First Part

Second Part

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