Thursday, September 25, 2008

Debi Crow

Debi Crow is a delightful blogger who is interested in many of the same social issues as I. She has been tracking the plight of the Roma people with a series of links and viewpoints.

I would like all to read this one in particular. The conditions that many of the Roma people live in, is appalling. So, what happens when you combine a sleeping 13 year old child, a lit candle, and bedding together? A dead 13 year old.

The Roma's plight is not singular. There are many people/ethnic/racial groups out there living in retched conditions. Several solutions need to be found all at once.

Social acceptance, which will require a total destruction of stereotypes
Use of low tech solutions to problems
Some plan to integrate the population into society.

An example of a low tech solution can be found in the picture posted above. By using a recycled can, a bit of pipe, a small metal cap, the guts of a mousetrap, and an old wine bottle you have an oil lamp that, if disturbed, will self extinguish.

Cost to me:

3 mins. Summoning up a muse

2 mins. Formulating a plan

30 mins. Drawing it up

Savings to an impoverished group of people?


Please visit Deb's site, you will be glad you did.

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Debs said...

Thanks Outis. It's a long time since I was called "delightful"! And great idea re: the candle. :)