Sunday, September 28, 2008


Nowadays, awards are thrown about with the value of confetti. Yesterday I passed along a well deserved award to a wonderful human being, Steph Waller. I met Steph when she was playing a role in the Alternative Reality Game (ARG) "The Ocular Effect". OE was the first ARG that I ever played... It was an incredible experience to interact with highly creative, inquisitive minds. In short, the experience was a lot of fun.

When playing an ARG, one never leaves any potential lead unchecked. That is how I discovered Steph Waller's Blog, Incurable insomniac. Her "Slice of Life" commentary is not to be missed.

Steph responded in kind with a reciprocal award... I am reluctant to accept. After all I am no-one. I deserve no such accolades

However, I do believe that there are some bloggers that do deserve some acknowledgments. So yes Steph, I will pass this award along to some other “real” bloggers, and thank you for the encouragement to do so.

Kim. For constantly growing and letting all know that it is ok to redefine ourselves.

Lia. For your tireless work helping marginalized people know that they are not alone.

Caroline. Because you are anything but Uncool.

Drakyn For helping me to learn about a subject I was woefully ignorant about.

I have another couple of awards to get ready, but those are going to have to wait. Right now I have to set up another blog (team) for Superstruct.



Steph Waller said...

You really are too kind. I'm glad you enjoyed OE. We had a great time making it. (I still wish it had ended differently, but I wasn't in control of that.)

Now, how about a tarot reading from Madam Steph.....


Kim said...

Thanks so much, Outis!
Carter sends his love and his slobbery, spit-covered piggy toy (which is a very high honor.)

Caroline said...

Wow, thank you! :)