Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Return of Kyle Payne

First, a bit about my absence, (if anyone cares). Since September of last year I have been trying to deal with two major life situations that have been consuming most of my time and energy. During my absence the world of blogging has lost some wonderful people, specifically Kim from Bastante Already and Debi Crow of the Corvid Diaries. Kim has chosen to follow other pursuits and I wish her well. Debs is not technically gone, but I get the impression that she would rather not be involved with the affairs of the dark side. Both will be missed. Needless to say, at this point in time of my life, something pretty big had to happen to make me resurface. Yesterday, Renegade Evolution had this post. Yep, Kyle Payne is out of jail and is back to his blogging bullshit.

For those just hearing about this young man, allow me to give a brief recap. Early in 2008 Eleanor’s Trousers reported on a news article about a young man ( who at the time was an RA) who had taken liberties with a passed out co-ed. This young man took photographs… Said photographs were discovered and criminal prosecution ensued. I just found a wrap up that I had previously missed over at Hoyden about Town. Take a second and read the whole thing. It is interesting to note that even Kyle Payne’s attorney called him a hypocrite.

Why is this guy important? He is a predator in the purest sense of the word. And yes, a hypocrite of the highest order. Had Payne returned to blogging about his therapy, his school, his cat or anything else I wouldn’t have a problem with it. It is his return to blogging about feminism as if nothing bad had transpired. This makes me sick. I know that he has linked to some major bloggers who are not happy to be associated with him. Look for something from Hugo Schwyzer tomorrow.

More from Ren.

Also Natalia Antonova

As I have said, Kyle Payne has every right to free speech on the web. However, if he continues to try and pass himself off as an ally of feminism, others, including myself, will call him on it.


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Fidelbogen said...

Ahh. . . Kyle Payne.

He is a prototypical specimen. The pro-feminist men's movement, alas, is rife with chaps like Kyle.

Their sycophantic style, and their cultish, cookie-cutter similarity to one another, bespeaks a certain psychopathology - wouldn't you say?

It's as if they are drawn to feminism as a way of suppressing or denying their unacceptable impulses. But in Kyle's case, the suppression failed spectacularly.

Those fellows need to be watched.

As for Kyle: Poor kid! Nobody wants him around. . .